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Shit Byakuya would say (if he were a fangirl)


Byakuya as fangirl requested by daydreamersvisions. :)

Let’s say that Byakuya, just like almost all of us, is a fangirl. Specifically, one on tumblr. What sorts of things would he say?

1. “Peasants.”

2. “Do you know what is the difference between my OTP and yours? Class.”

3. “My feels are as numerous as countless falling cherry blossoms.”

4. “Do not point your sword at my OTP.”

5. “People will love this fan art I made.” [hours pass] “It seems that no one is online today.” [more hours pass] “Clearly they are intimidated by my artistry.” [more hours past] “I am never posting art again.”

6. “Eat more bananas. The Doctor says they are good.”

7. “I swore a vow on that day: I will go down with this ship.”

8. “No matter what happens in canon, I will follow and protect this ship to the very end.”

9. “Those who send anon hate are cowards. Cowards must be cut down.”

10. “My OTP has split into countless OTPs.”

11. “But which do I follow? The OTP I swore to protect? Or this new one I just developed?”

12. “Canon is cheap.”

13. “Retcons are the worst.”

14. “No matter who you are, anyone who disturbs this tag by posting hate will be cut down.”

15. “This show? It will not even make me fall on one knee.” [10 minutes later] “BAAAAAABIIIIIEEEEES!”

udah bosan mungkin ya?..  atau mungkin kecewa… kyny si yg kedua, fdmnya ga asik ah


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